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Basic plumbing repairs. Anything from a dripping hose faucet to a running toilet. We'll get it working again. 

Water heater repair and replacement. If you're not getting enough hot water or you've noticed water around the water heater give us a call.

Have you noticed a warm spot on the floor? Unusually high water bill with no apparent explanation? You may have a slab leak.

Ready for that dream kitchen to finally be a reality? Tired of fussing with that builder grade bathroom fixture? We can help.

With over twenty years experience in the plumbing industry, Ahwatukee Plumbing is dedicated to providing excellent service to the Phoenix Valley area. Family owned and operated since 2006, we handle repair or replacement of water heaters, as well as fixtures and pipes in kitchen, bath, and outdoor. Contact us for a free estimate today. 



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